• Educational Objective

    To provide a challenging and creative STEAM curriculum with a concentration in both Art and Technology that will inspire students with my unique aesthetic experiences as well as my innovative skills in technology. I am committed to maintaining a passion for stimulating students to become aesthetically aware holistic individuals in our diversified society.

    Favorite Quote: "If you will it, it is no dream" by Theodor Herzl


    2021 Connecticut Art Education Association CAEA Annual Art Show

    Published Art Beat Magazine Fall 2019 Issue "March Art Madness in the classroom"

    Photos posted on Fox 61 News 2018-2020

    Recipient of the 2015 Connecticut State Educator Award for Innovative Use of Technology in the Classroom CASL-CECA


    Recipient of Jamie Hulley Arts Foundation Grant Recipient for 2015 


    Recipient of Staples Global Grant 2012 for Amity Teen Teaching


    Recipient of the 2009 Teacher's Award Donate Life Connecticut for inspiring students to develop innovative art posters promoting organ and tissue donation


    New Jersey Arts Education Association:

     Graduate Grant Recipient 2003


    Published Scholastic Arts Magazine May 2002 Issue "Photography shoot and collaboration in the classroom"


    Published The Courier Newspaper September 10, 2010 Maryland


    Published Hartford Courant Newspaper

    Courant Community Section 12/7/2008

    Courant Travel Section 9/11/2007


    Presenter at CAEA, NJAEA, NJEA, CABE CASL annual conferences 25+ Years

  • Amity High School, Woodbridge CT


    Darkroom Photography

    Digital Photography

    Digital Design


    From 1998-2015, I taught Darkroom, Digital Photography and Digital Art to over 2500 students.

    Many students went on to pursue a career in the Photography or Design/Media industry.

    From 1998-2013 I was the administrator of the Amity Teen Teaching Program where more than 500 students were placed in local elementary schools to job shadow their host teacher. During this time I also initiated and facilitated the donation of more than 18,000 new and gently used books that were wrapped and given as gifts to the students at each elementary school.

    Many students have gone on to pursue a career in education and still keep in touch.


    The following are exemplars from lessons I taught in my Amity High School classroom.

    Connecticut Scholastic Art & Writing Competition

    Gold Key

    Portraits - Pablo Picasso Photography + Mixed Media

    Students were introduced to Eric Carle's Book "If Picasso had a Christmas Tree". Each student

    selected an artist and then through the use of photography and design infused themselves into the artist's work.


    Connecticut Victims of Violent Crime Poster Contest

    2nd Place recipient


    Students created a Public Service Announcement Poster for the Victims of Violent Crime Week.


    Braindance: Poster Competition

    1st Place

    Poster Design

    Institute of the Living, Hartford CT

    Students were asked to create a poster that de-stigmatizes mental health issues

    Mollie C.

    Connecticut OSHA Workplace Safety Public Service Announcement Competition

    2nd Place recipient

    Square marquee Design

    Students created a Public Service Announcement for the Connecticut OSHA.

    Nathaniel M

    BrainDance - Hartford Hospital

    Institute of the Living Poster Contest:

    De-Stigmatizing Mental Health Issues

    Digital Design and Illustration

    Students created a design for the purpose of

    De-Stigmatizing Mental Health Issues for the Institute of Living a part of Hartford Hospital.

    Collaborative : Dakota + Digital Art Class

    Congressional Competition

    1st Place

    Congressman Rosa DeLaura


    Students took pictures that incorporated lines & silhouettes.

    Michael H.

    Donate Life Connecticut Poster Contest

    1st Place

    Digital Photography

    Students created posters to inspire others to become an Organ and Tissue Donor, just in case.

    Andrew S

    Concert Posters

    Digital Photography

    Students learned to combine multiple images to create a Montage of elements highlighting a music event

    I. Malloy



    Students looked for shadows.

    Anna Z

    Light Box

    Digital Photography

    Students learned about refractive light and color in a custom made light box with textured glass and flashlights.

    Hannah J

    Students learned how to paint with light

    Writing with Light

    Through the use of manual controls of a SLR camera students created imagery that demonstrated mastery of time-lapsed photography.


    Lighting in Photography

    Digital Photography

    Students learned all aspects of lighting and color photography.



    Typography Adobe Illustrator

    Fun with text

    Students designed a Positive Public Service Announcement based on a central theme from a subject taught at school.

    Lauren F

    Calendar Design

    Digital Photography

    Students learned to combine multiple images to create a Montage of images that worked well together


    Print Media Cover Design

    Digital Design & Photography

    Students learned how to create a magazine cover based on collaborative work. 3 versions of the same design were submitted to mock clients.


    Billboard Design

    Digital Photography

    Students learned to create a billboard with a message for a cause


    Self Portraits



    Students took self portraits

    Sandy H.

    Elliptical Marquee Designs

    Graphic Design

    Students created a design that originated with a circle or ellipse. Students used the Principals and Elements of Art and Design along with an emphasis on Color Theory.


    Toys - Close-Ups

    Color Digital Photography Theme : Childhood

    Students searched their attic or garage to find a toy they wished to remember as they grew up.


    African Mask Design

    Digital Design

    Students participated in a Scholastic Magazine African Mask contest. Each design had to have a central theme. The theme of the design above's theme is music and outer space.


    Unique Under The Sea Creatures

    Digital Design

    Students researched deep sea creatures and then designed their own along with an imaginary habitat. Students created their design based on the use of a variety of marquee tools in Adobe Photoshop and Principals and Elements of Art and Design.


    Virtual Courtyard Landscape Sculpture

    Digital Design Photography

    Students photographed the courtyards around the school property and then designed a prototype for a large scale sculpture and created and inserted their design in place virtually. Proposal was then presented to a panel of mock student philanthropists.


    Book Cover Design Montages

    Digital Design & Photography

    Students learned how to create a montage by melding 2 faces together: one human one animal. Students then developed a story line with their character as the focus of a best selling children's book.


    Multiplicity Like MC Escher

    Digital Design & Photography

    Students learned how to create a multiplied design that originated as a photograph. This image began as a simple street shot at the Yale campus. The foundation of this project is based on the mathematical formula of tessellation and the Fibonacci Effect.


    Cloning Like Thomas Barbey

    Digital Design & Photography

    Students learned how to clone/combine an image into another.


    Typography with a Message

    Digital Design & Digital Art

    Students learned about typography and how to utilize it as an art form to communicate a message.


    Lines & Reflections

    Digital Photography

    Students learned about reflections while they look for lines in life. Point of view was stressed as well, as to capture a different perspective.


    Blending Options

    Digital Photography

    Students learned to combine multiple images to simulate reality or create a new universe.


    Magazine Cover

    Digital Photography

    Students learned to combine multiple images to create a Montage of elements highlighting an idea


    DVD Jacket Design

    Digital Photography

    Students learned to combine multiple images to create a Montage of images that worked well together for their portfolio CD

    Courtney S

    Business Advertisement

    Digital Photography

    Students learned to combine multiple images to create a Montage that worked well together for their Clients business

    Jenn D

    School Posters

    Digital Photography

    Students learned to create an image for each department in the school for display

    Christina C

    Portraits Combined

    Digital Photography

    Students learned to create an image that using portraits combined

    Sam G

    Event Poster for a Business

    Digital Photography

    Students learned to create an image that using portraits combined

    Kayla M

    White Paper Sculpture

    White Photography Highlights & Shadows

    Students learned to take a photograph based on a 3D sculpture they created with white paper only

    Josh C.

    Menu Design

    Business Menu

    Students took pictures in the cooking class over the school year to create a simulated menu.

    Elise K.

    Multiplicity makes a box

    Multiplicity & 3D Cube

    Students took pictures and then inverted it to create a Multiplicity then skewed it to fit onto a 3D form


    Typography with a message


    Students took pictures and then created a lettered message


    Adobe PhotoShop Pre-Assessment


    Students list the letters A-L and beside each letter indicate what the tool's name is and if they know what the tool is used for explain please. If the student does not know the tool name or it's function/purpose they are to write "unknown" next to the letter. At the end of the semester, students re-take this assessment to see how much they have improved.

    Post Assessment % improved

  • The Metropolitan Learning Center for Global Studies, Bloomfield CT

    International Baccalaureate IB

    A selection of lessons I've taught in my classroom:

    2015 -2017 CREC

    "Game Design"

    -students created a unique educational game with a primary goal to teach something through game play. Students created an Abstract, Player Board, Cards, Player Pieces, Rules, Packaging as well as pricing. Students then had to play the game with a group of younger students and record their response. Students finally presented their game to a mock student panel of investors.

    "Digital Illustration"

    -students created unique designs based on selfies of themselves or portraits of others. Students used this same skill to create a grouping of famous Latino individuals that they admired for MLC's Annual Latino Festival. Each Latino graphic design was accompanied with Spanish text and a positive message for the future.

    "Elliptical Insects"

    -students created a unique insect based on their knowledge of the elliptical marquee tool and Entomology. Students also invented a sustainable habitat and identified where their creature can be found globally.

    Political Illustrations

    -students created a unique illustration based on the political climate in Connecticut and across the globe during the National Primary season.

    "International Currency"

    -students created a modern dollar bill for the country of their choice. Utilizing Blending options in Adobe Photoshop, students 

    created a design by combining 4+ images that captured the essence of their country including, but not limited to, famous buildings, people, vegetation etc...

    "Square Marquee Design applied to Life"

    -students created a unique square marquee design, applied color theory and then overlaid their innovative design onto the surface of an everyday object they currently utilize or one they wish they could use daily.

    "14th Amendment"

    -students created an innovative design based on the tenants of the 14th amendment. This project was in support of the Connecticut Law Day Art Challenge and competition. Our Student Darien W. Won 1st place in 2017

    "College Concept Mind Map"

    -students created a unique mind map based on their career aspirations and organized their research into a concept map. They researched a profession they wished to attain. They sought colleges and universities that offered degree programs in that field. They narrowed their search to 1 school locally, 2 in the USA and 1 outside of the United States. They compared each and shared their results in a visual dynamic format. This unit culminated with a heartfelt and informative letter to their parent or guidance counselor identifying their best fit school and why they've come to that determination.


    -students learned how to mirror their images to create symmetry as well as blend one image with another. Students often used this design to become their album cover in Flickr.

    Typography with "BlueLighting"

    -students utilize the Blue Lighting videos to create their own motivational posters using the Approach To Learning Command Words for display in the school.

    "Global Square Marquee"

    -students created Square Marquee designs based on the use of the Adobe square marquee tool paying attention to Principals and Elements of Art and Design. Then they used their design as road map for displaying a global topic or issue. Careful attention was paid to both positive and negative space.

    "Graffiti Meets Super heros"

    -students created designs based on Graffiti and created a matching Super Hero focusing on a Command Word or an Approach to Learning Word. Graffiti Creator & DCKids

    "Summation of Successes"


    -students created a webpage that showcased their successes over the whole semester in Design Class.

    "Animated GIFs"



    -students created an Info-Graphic that answered historical questions about GIFs and showcased their own.  

  • Capital Prep Magnet School

    Hartford, CT

    Classroom Without Walls Summer Program

    Bushnell Sculpture Garden

    Students were shown the sculpture garden on-line and then chose 2 images from the photographs I took. Teams of 2/3 students investigated who created the sculpture and the story behind it. In 90+ degree weather we trekked through the city so the students could sketch their selected sculpture, find out who created it so they could do research and have their photo taken with them integrating with each sculpture. Then back at the school they created a collage using construction paper. Photograph it all and then each group made a web page sharing all their discoveries.

    Collage Classroom Without Walls Summer Program

    Bushnell Park Sculpture Garden

    Students created a virtual collages with scissors paper and no glue. Then photographed it and added to their web page.

    Overlapping: Classroom Without Walls Summer Program

    Bushnell Park Sculpture Garden

    Students lined themselves up so it appeared that they were holding the sculpture..

    Collage: Classroom Without Walls Summer Program

    Bushnell Park Sculpture Garden

    Students lined themselves up so it appeared that they were holding the sculpture..

    Collage: Classroom Without Walls Summer Program

    6th grade

    Student Presentations

    Students were taught a variety of software applications for creating on-line web pages or presentations.


  • My Education

    My pursuit of Professional Development philosophy includes annual events where I not only attend multiple conferences but also regularly host lectures to insure I stay relevant with art and technology in our ever evolving world.

    Recent Speaking Topics:

    1. Compositional Elements as they relate to Photography & Art

    2. Is your Mise-en-Scene like theirs: A retrospective on making artistic derivatives that do not conflict with copyright protection laws yet still capture the look and feel of another work of art.

    3. Concept Mind Maps in the Digital Design Classroom that ranged from Book reviews, Investigating Countries around the world, personal retrospective, as well as goals for the future.

    4. Integrating Technology into your Art Classroom as creatively as you can.

    5. Up cycling and using recycling in the art room. 

    Tyler School of Art - Temple University, Elkins Park PA

    Bachelors of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) 1978-1982

    Art Education-Glass Blowing-Photography-Ceramics-Art Educational Curriculum Development

    Athletic Scholarship - Intercollegiate Bowling

    Quinnipiac University, Hamden CT

    Masters of Science (MS) 2001-2003


    Web Design & E-Media

    Rutgers University, Newark & New Brunswick NJ

    Summers 1979-1981

    Art Education

    Wor Wic Community College

    Salisbury MD

    Summers 2014-2016

    Integrating Technology into the Classroom

    Adobe Photoshop

    Adobe Illustrator


    Dariew W. 1st Place Connecticut Law Day Supreme Court Art Competition 2017

    Student Art Design Photography Awards


    • Published 2019 Art Beat Magazine: "March Art Madness" Article 
    • Connecticut Scholastic Art & Writing Competition Gold Key, Silver Key, Gold/Silver Portfolio, Middle School 2020
    • Connecticut Law Day: CT Supreme Court Art Contest 1st Place 2017
    • Connecticut Donate Life 1st, 2nd, 3rd + Teacher Award
    • Connecticut Scholastic Art & Writing Competition Gold Key, Silver Key, Gold/Silver Portfolio, High School
    • Brain Dance: Hartford Hospital "Institute of Living"-1st Place, 2nd & 3rd
    • Connecticut Victims Violent Crime Week-1st, 2nd 
    • Connecticut No Child Hungry Poster Contest
    • Connecticut OSHA Workplace Safety Art Competition 2nd Place
    • Scholastic Magazine Published 2002 "Mailing Metal Sculpture" 

    Software Taught 2015-2017


    Students grades 8-12 were introduced and demonstrated mastery in creating designs utilizing many of the 30+ software above.

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